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Where to find a great medical aesthetician in 29605 for 2014!

Medical Aesthetician in Greenville, SC

The practice of medical aesthetics was started in the early early 1980s by Anna D. Rinehart. Originally developed as an addition to helping out individuals with a new advanced skin care management system. This concept helped to give a choice to individuals that might have been considering costly surgeries and or complicated procedures. Along with the plethora of new skin products everyday that are coming to market it is so important to have one person that stays up to date on all the new products and how to implement them correctly. Today the term has morphed into something a little different from the original intention. Some of the things that the term aestheticians implies can be things like the following:

  • Varicose Veins and spider veins
  • facial skin peels (helping to remove the outer layer of skin)
  • treatment for excessive sweating
  • collagen treatment therapies to help improve skin quality and reduce unwanted lines

After publishing in many journals in America, Anna went on to influence the Chinese, South American, and the United States Medical Esthetics. The approach of the term started to become more of a holistic approach rather than the conventional line of medicine that everyone in the United States were so accustom to. Holistic medicine is the approach of treating the whole body not just one specific aspect to aid in healing the whole body rather than a specific area. This term lately has been gaining ground in the way that holistic medicine is practiced here in the United States.

The original description of this profession refers to the overall skin care health which expands the perspectives in overall outward appearance. Unfortunately outside companies have started to use the term Medical Aestheticians ubiquitously with anyone performing any type of cosmetic work on someone, considering the schooling that is required by our technicians here at Dermatology Associates PA, we take these accreditation credentials very seriously. Our professionals have the utmost care with our patients and are overseen by a physicians for all of their recommendations. We feel this practice of physician oversight gives our patients the best plan possible.

Keeping informed of the new products coming to market is a major reason that our technicians are so specialized. To be able to inform our patients of the best products on market today for over all skin care is what we pride ourselves on. Sometimes when it comes to our daily routines and the products that we as patients ourselves choose to go with might not always be opening up our skin to the best formula possible. This is why it is so important for our technicians to be informed of the latest products on the market.

Danielle Williamson is our technician that you will most likely meet when you come to our practice. She has years of experience and can recommend skin treatments for all different skin types. If you come by make sure and have a chat with her about your specific needs and goals for you skin and she can set you up on the path to glowing and radiant skin.