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Clinical vs. At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Differences between Laser Hair Removal Devices written by: Parlin

For effective and easy hair removal, laser treatment is one of the best treatment options available. This is one of the methods whose popularity has grown over leaps and bounds in the past few years and it is now possible to get machines for laser hair removal for home use. One of the main concerns that people have is whether the machines are safe to use, are they effective and will the results be similar to those from a professional?

The main problem with the machines that are used for home laser treatment is that there is no one size that suits everyone. This is because it is not as simple as going out to shop for a digital camera. The type of laser that is needed for effective and safe hair removal normally depends on the user’s hair follicle and skin type. What many people are not aware of is that expert clinics normally have various types of laser machines that are used for clients. Once the clinic has chosen the machine that will be used on a specific client, the laser treatment method can be personalized to get the best possible results. Using the home option may not be quite effective as users only get one type of treatment. The final results reveal that clinics provide better results than when one gets home treatment.


Safety is another important factor that should be put into consideration. Laser hair removal is not a process that is entirely painless and it can prove to be quite dangerous when used in the wrong way. The home systems may end up causing hyper-pigmentation, burns, darker skin tones and in some cases increased hair growth. This is something that users don’t want to experience. On the other hand, with professional treatment, there are usually minimal side effects as the professional knows exactly what they are doing for the best results. This shows that it is best to go in for professional treatment to avoid risks at home.


Even with the above risks, persons are still making use of home laser treatment options. Cost is one of the main reasons for this. A person generally ends up spending less money when they invest in the home treatment systems than going to a professional clinic for treatment. However, when you carefully weigh both options, you could discover that the home treatment way, may not end up being such a good deal. It is a risk to do this at home because it produces inconsistent results and may not be worth the investment. Another thing that you should think about is the fact that the hair removal clinics are still prospering. This is for the simple reason that the home laser treatment is still not as effective thus individuals are constantly taking advantage of the professional services.


People may cite that one of the reasons why they go for home treatment is that it offers convenience. When visiting the professional clinics, you will be required to go in for a couple of session which implies that it may seem like the treatment process is taking long periods of time. In line with this, it is important to note that home treatment usually takes longer. This is because the machines have low power settings which mean that you can take about an hour to work on just one leg. Contrary to this, this, the sessions at the clinics are fairly short and prompt and you can be assured of great results at the end of the day. It is also important to understand that you do not have to go out of your way to attend the sessions at the professional clinics as the experts can schedule them around your schedule to make sure you are as comfortable as possible.


When comparing professional services and using the machines that can be used at home, going to the professional clinics is the best choice a person can make. Although you will end up paying slightly more you can be assured of consistent results as you will be working with trained experts in the field. In addition to this, it is considered much safer as patients are exposed to little or no side effects. Don’t hesitate to call us if you are looking for a permanent solution on how to get rid of the unwanted hair.